The motive of the program is to improve the skills of students in science and technology through practical experience. Children nowadays prefer education through practical knowledge. Apart from lecture classes, they need classes with visual and audio effects. We are providing hands on training on the experiments provided in the syllabus.

Design & Development

It’s a normal procedure to assist higher secondary students during their practical
lab session. Whereas we have thought of a different idea and will be assisting
students from the grass root level. Children at a very young age when provided
with right education understands their own capacity. Ones they start practicing
who knows our nation will start getting a handful of talented scientists.

Lauch & Deliver

We provide materials and manuals for hands on experience, which will make the
students, think out of the box. The school always follows the syllabus, it is a
spoon feeding system. We ensure that the children think out of the box, and
come with creativity. This program will not only help the students to understand
the syllabus, but also more with practical experience..

Meet our teachers

Febin Jishal

CFO / History

Febin Jishal was graduated from NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad and his projects were in the field ...